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Michael is a Healer, Author, Facilitator and Spiritual explorer. He is also a SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing®) Level 3 Master Practitioner, and a Minister with Serenity Ministries®. The Serenity Healing is for all people, animals and the environment, all of earth and is available in person or on the phone. 

He is the author of the books 'Angels are real'; 'Angels are Real 2'; 'Playing with Angels'; 'Fairies are Real' and 'Angel and Fairy Alphabet'. The name Rainbow Spirit started in 1987. Michael is also a Usui Reiki Master Healer and First and Master Degree in the Seichim Healing System. 

NEW: Level 3 Serenity Healing processes now available. These sophisticated advanced levels of Healing will help you to truly be the amazing person you are. 

Michael has successfully presented personal and self-development courses, lectures, workshops and training throughout Australia, and in eight countries, over thirty-five years. He has been working with his Angelic team consciously for 68 years.

Michael is currently working with individuals and groups as a SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing®) Master Practitioner. He has worked with youth, young adults and people with disabilities and is active in local and country community groups. He was a founding member of the Kids Network, co-delivering workshops, meetings and groups.

He enjoys sharing with people and helping them unfold their inner potential to reach their goals. Feel the freedom to enjoy your life and shine your true colours.

Serenity Vibration Healing® (SVH) is the easy way to heal your old beliefs and past lives with Healing to open doors for Enlightenment and peace. 

Michael says: 'This New Century technology has no comparison"! If you would like healing to transform your life - you have arrived at the right place. It's fast, respectful, easy and almost anyone can do the training, which is also a wonderful healing in itself. Feel Amazing! The training is a beautiful gift for yourself and humanity.

Michael helps people with Angel Guidance Profiles: You receive a key word from each Angel in your team. You unfold how your team helps and guides you, also receive insights about the gifts you innately have - Other information may come up: like if you knew one of your Angels in the past and/or solution(s) to your life right now. Angel or crystal cards can also be used. You are offered a PDF file, & Angel info with your reading. 

NOTE: Rev. Michael Bray, born in Australia is not associated in any way whatsoever with another Rev. Michael Bray in the USA - this is a very different person with very different beliefs and ideas. The similarity is in name only.

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About ~ The idea 

The idea for this site came one morning in 2010, from Spirit and my Angels and Masters. They wanted a site to connect with people on the internet. It simply happened. I have other sites and Spirit wanted one that shared ideas and gave people reliable truthful links.

People also want truthful information and if they need a healing or uplifting workshop or simply a connection with other spiritual people - they will be able to do that here. 

Welcome home. Rev. Michael Bray, SVH Healing Practitioner for people & animals, author & Guide.


From the Collins Dictionary: n. Life principle animating body; disposition; liveliness; courage; frame of mind; essential character or meaning; soul; ghost; liquid got by distillation. vt. carry away mysteriously. Lets look at ~

Life principle: Spirit is energy, it is mostly unseen, yet people can feel it, they know its there and if it is absent, then they are not alive. The connection between the soul and the physical body is usually called the ‘Silver cord’ - because that is what it looks like. People who have had out-of-body-experiences have seen the silver cord connection. It usually links to the physical body at the base of the rear of the head.

Soul: A soul is energy, about 2 to 4 watts, measured by scientists. It looks like one of those fairy lights on a tree or house in the festive season. Souls were created by The Creator and that energy cannot be destroyed. Some people talk about having lost their soul - this is a belief or someone’s idea, possibly to control or disempower a person. We are all a soul with a physical body. Scientists have weighed a person, when they were alive and soon after, when they passed on or graduated, and the soul has a some weight.

Ghost: This is a soul without a physical body. The ‘silver cord’ has been cut and the body has returned to the earth from where it came. A ghost is usually called a ‘lost soul’ or ‘confused energy’. They are around, however it is best that we all respect them. They still have their Angels and/or Guides around them and they are usually wanting closure or wanting to sort out something prior to their letting go of the earthly plain. These energies are best left alone and if you insist on dealing with them, it is highly recommended that you work with them via your Angels and/or Masters. Do not directly get involved with these energies, unless you know what you are doing. They will give you fear and will say things as commands, where as your Angels will give you a suggestion, based on unconditional love. You know the difference between love and fear and it is highly recommended that you follow your Angels and Masters suggestions. Trust them.

You can also feel that difference. Your Angels and Masters use only love.

Mysteriously: There is a lot of mystery, beliefs, folk law, truths and customs about Spirit.

Many countries and even communities and tribes have many beliefs about Spirit and Spirits. Note the disclaimer below. Whatever you believe - it is your choice. It can be a mystery or it can be very real.

Ideas from my book ‘Angels are Real’:

I looked up ‘Angel’ in the Collins dictionary: An’gel (an’j-) n. divine messenger; ministering or attendant spirit; person with the qualities of such a spirit, as gentleness, purity etc. -angel’ic (an-) a. -angel’ically adv.

The word ‘Angel’ came about when the old testament was translated into Greek from Hebrew, it combines two images; that of a child, pure and innocent and that of a dove, a white bird representing something that flew in the air.

Many religions refer to God, Angels and the Universe or ‘The All'. In biblical publications many people are depicted with a ‘halo’ around their head. This represents the aura or energy. However, it may not be shown around all people and this, I feel is not correct, because if a person or living being had no aura or energy field around them, they would be dead. Everything living has an aura.

We are all an energy force; that is us as a soul, our own Angels and all the other Angels. We have been this energy force since whenever time began and we will continue - it cannot be destroyed. It just is, and so is the Universe which is our real home. We come to planet Earth because it is like a university of learning. 

Religions were originally formed to help people unfold and trust their feelings and to feel one with all things in their Universe. There are about three hundred references to Angels in the Bible. Here are some Biblical references to Angels:

  • John 6:63
  • John 14:26
  • Job 33:23 & 33
  • Samuel 10:6
  • Psalm 91:11

The best visual reference for what Angels look like is in the 1990 Paramount Pictures film ‘Ghost’. Also now available on video (& DVD). The ‘lights’ in the movie, are a very graphic example of what Angels look like. We, as a soul or energy also look like this, either without a physical body, or away from it. The connection between the physical body and the soul is often called the ‘silver cord’. The Bible refers to the ‘silver cord’ and Shirley Maclaine and (the late) Francisco Coll write about this too. People who have had ‘out-of-body-experiences’ may have seen their silver cord. This is not a strange phenomenon and many people do this without even knowing they are experiencing it.

As an energy or soul, we are actually Angels in training, because when we master what we have to learn here on this planet, earth, or we clearly grasp that feeling of oneness with all things in the Universe, then we can choose to become an Angel for someone else, if that is our purpose. Our Angels are continually learning from us and we also learn from then, because they are still evolving and growing spiritually. They have no gender, as they are neither male nor female and they can communicate in any language.

At the time and place of death, which we choose, we cut our ‘silver cord’ and we, as a soul, or energy, follow our Angels out to the Universe, which is our true home. We then spend time with our Angels to put together what we learnt here on Earth. Death is really like a graduation; a celebration of change and a continuation of life. We then choose what is our next step in the evolution of our state of consciousness, and always at the most perfect time. We choose our Angels prior to our conception on Earth. We also choose our parents and our place of birth, plus the order of our four means of perception or communication. All this is part of our learning here. 

No one has had the same or similar experiences or learning situations that I have had in this lifetime or all previous lives, either on this planet, Earth, or on other planets. Remember that the Universe is a very big place, with lots of opportunity to learn and grow.

Our Angels never tell us what to do, because they respect our free will, however they will give us loads of suggestions, usually about sixty a day, on an average. They are positive, loving, one hundred percent crystal clear energy. 

When our Angels come close to us, mostly when we are relaxed, clear, calm and peaceful, we experience an uplifting feeling, or a tingle, or ‘goose-bumps’ or even an inner glow. This feeling can be experienced  when doing a ‘cleansing’ technique, or even relaxing under a shower, in a bath or near a pond or calm water, because water is the physical symbol of Spirit or Angels.

You will note that I have mentioned that your Angels will come in close when you are relaxed, clear and calm, because this matches their energy and they are not going to come in close when you are busy, rushing, tense or negative. On the other hand, if you need protection, help or immediate assistance, they are aware of where you are, and your motives, so if they are needed they are instantly there. 

The main thing to remember is that if you don’t ask for help or assistance, it may take some time because your Angels do respect your free will, so if this is how you want to organise or experience your life that’s OK by them too.

My understanding is that if you need extra help, say in a certain area or specialised field, again ask your Angels, because they have access to other ‘teams‘ of Angels who can help your team, even for a temporary time.  (pages 3, 4 and 5 of ‘Angels are real’ by Michael F Bray).

Michael has written a follow-up to 'Angels are Real' titled 'Angels are Real 2', covering his Angel adventures from 1993 to 2017 - get it here + 4 other books about Angels & Life

Disclaimer: Some information on this page may be an expression of someone's ideas or beliefs. There is no intention to indoctrinate anyone. If this happens, please disregard the idea and decide what you choose to believe.               Copyright (C) 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020  M. Bray