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Lessons from Divine Mother

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Lessons from Divine Mother Mary from 'The Light Thing To Do' by Jill Marie founder of SVH.


Mirrors only allow you to see the part of you which is of the least important. Do you judge the glass case that covers an exquisite jewel exhibition in one of your museums?

You, my beloved, are a jewel beyond comparison and a being of great consequence in the plan of your father.


Lesson Two

This is a lesson of hope.  Hope for a time of lightness. Hope for a time of giving and forgiving. In this lesson I hope to instill within you a knowing that all will be well and of complete rightness.

There has been so much fear surrounding the new millennium and the earth changes which are inevitable. Your love and light mindedness has shifted the energy, which encompasses the changes that will occur on your blessed planet. Yes, my beloved children of lightness, you have collectively changed what might otherwise have been "earth shattering." There is much gratitude felt by the All and the Everything for your part in this shift of lighter energy that will transform your planet in a graceful and more subtle manner. I hope within this lesson to propel you a bit further into a blessing of lightness known as gratitude.

All gratitude is perceived and felt, by the All and the Everything, melting away of all attachments other than acceptance. When you thank God for your beautiful garden, and you do so with total acceptance of the weeds that are also growing there, you are truly blessing the garden.

God knows that your life will have stumbling blocks and challenges. When you thank Him for the wonderful day you have just experienced, He knows that you are accepting and grateful for all that your day presented. Not allowing a negative attachment to creep into your gratitude is a pure and loving gesture to the One who has designed for you this perfect stage to play out your dream or fantasy life.

It is important to always remember that you have a legion of Angels, Guides and Masters who are eager to assist you in any and every opportunity to rise to the lighter thing to do . We are waiting to assist you in even the most menial of task, and yet, we must be asked. We are standing by, desiring to aid you, and hoping that you will remember to call upon us. No deed is too small or request to grand for us. We are simply there in service to you, with no attachment to your request beyond an incredible desire to be of assistance.

You may not think of calling upon your Angels for guidance when you are lost, for strength when you are weary, or even in moving your bowels or holding your fluid when you feel you will burst, but each time you ask for assistance you create a small crack in the mortar allowing more light to shine from within. That lightness breaks down the walls of illusion that falsely whisper to you that your needs are too small and you are unworthy. Every time you ask for assistance, even in the simplest of things, you are opening a channel to those who rejoice in lifting you up and lightening your burdens.

It is important that you recognize that not all of your requests may be granted in a way you might hope. We, unlike your present embodiment, have a knowing of your intentions within this lifetime. We can not bridge the gap between what you have chosen to experience and what you may now be choosing if the two will not mesh. For instance, if you were to ask for assistance in ending your existence in this incarnation and your chosen destiny is to be long lived, we will not aid you in this lesson. We will stand in readiness as you teeter on the brink of destruction and will pray fervently that you awaken to another option. We have the power to create for you another avenue so you might have an opportunity to reconsider a premature demise.

On a lighter note, if you asked for assistance from your Angels and Guides in securing a position with a company which would take you down a road of hard lessons and bitter disappointment, we would not be so zealous in preparing an easy pathway for you to achieve that goal. If by sheer will you have chosen to accept this lesson we will honor your desire for the experience and shall remain beside you throughout your turmoil. Ever vigilant we stand ready to assist you back into a clearer, less turbulent path, which will present itself when you are open to making the shift.

If you will only ask for our assistance, your Father and all of us in your service, will be released to help you create a more direct approach, making it possible for us to guide or assist you in a more graceful manner. We can lovingly lead you around the swamps of life into a meadow. Is that not the more desirable choice, to place your hand into the hand of God, instead of traversing the land of lessons learned hard?

Lesson One:

Let us pretend for a moment that you have been presented with an opportunity to travel the world as a tour guide. Every moment spent caring for your patrons you experience sights and sounds that you have always dreamed of. It is an answer to all of your prayers, and yet your heart is at home with your family. With each new experience and new sight you think only of how wonderful it would be if you could be seeing all of these wonderful sights with your husband and children instead of strangers. What is your answer to this predicament?

You have begged and pleaded to see the world and so a path was laid before you that you could embrace or reject. You have chosen to take that path and have found that it is not fulfilling. What, if instead of employing all of your Guides and Angels and the universe to help you create an opportunity for you to see the world, that you defined what would literally fill your heart with gladness?

I do not believe that you truly recognize the power you possess. You are creating in every moment of each day. You are creating with positive thought as well as negative with every breath. Random dialogue within your brain creates without your awareness of its great power and your cognitive thoughts and beliefs are also manifesting the life you are creating for yourself. Why not create a life that serves you and fulfills you with love and blessings?

What if, instead of your prior manifestation that employed you as a tour director, you defined your destiny? What if you chose more? Nowhere is it written that you must struggle and suffer your way through this life to achieve a small measure of greatness. What if you sent out an intention to the universe that you are in this now moment creating an opportunity for your family to travel the world? Can you see yourself asking for assistance from those in service to you, in achieving that goal? Would it not be more pleasurable for you to spend your hours of work closer to your family, manifesting that your family will be soon trekking through the wilds of Africa or swimming in the Hawaiian surf?

In creation it is important that you define what you wish to create and then open to the truth of your greater plan. It is important that you surrender all manifestation to your highest purpose, in an effort to bypass pitfalls which may not be in alignment with what you are manifesting. Random manifestation can take you down a chosen path but may leave your heart empty and the dream job you wished for could leave you unfulfilled. It is important always to consciously create in alignment with your highest purpose.

The universe knows your purpose. God knows the whole of you and His great plan for you. You can only see a fraction of the picture God has painted for you. He will always allow you to create outside that plan, despite the end result, but for a smoother and more purposeful journey it is always more expedient to go within the energy pattern that you and God designed for you.

Surrendering your journey to your highest purpose has another benefit. You will always be assured that the events that follow your request for balance and grace in your manifestations will be in perfect alignment with God and the plan of all connected to your creation.

Example 1 : You have manifested a trip for your family to Europe and as you stand at the foot of the Eiffel Tower an automobile looses control and strikes you. Your life's journey will, until its end, be lived as a cripple.

Example 2 : Your hearts desire is to travel to Europe with your family. You begin manifesting with the help of all your Angels and Guides, the perfect family vacation. You ask that this vacation be in perfect alignment with God's plan and release the outcome. As you stand at the foot of the Eifel Tower, an automobile looses control and strikes you. Your life's journey will until its end, be now lived as a cripple.

Which of the two scenarios will bring you more peace?

Knowing that your unfortunate accident was part of the greater plan releases you from many negative emotions and allows you to accept the journey before you as one you yourself at some level have pre-ordained thereby replacing any need for wondering, "what if."

If your destiny would not be adversely deviated by your family traveling the world as in Lesson one, and your adventures filled you with aliveness and well-being, then the manifestation would actually benefit your greater plan. Gladness and lightness of heart are a gift that keeps on giving. Releasing to God a manifestation which is in perfect alignment with God will expedite the creation of what you desire.

Gratitude, whether things work out for you or not is of great importance.

If you knew in advance of traveling down a dirt road, that the dust would clog your filter and stall your automobile, would you take the paved road even if it would take you longer to reach your destination? Knowing in advance that your creation will send you down a better road of life will leave you satisfied that your choices are right ones and the events you are creating are the best possible outcome in alignment with the plan that your father has for you. Handing over the reins of your life to God, who will never lead you down a dark road, will leave you with a knowing that you have not stepped off the path. Acceptance and gratitude for His trusting hand in the night will fill you with great peace. Though you may not understand the sequence of events which might have occurred, you will remain on your course throughout this lifetime. When you have no negative attachment to thanking God you are open to His Divinity and the part you play within the whole.

  • Example 1: Thank you Father, for this wonderful day.
  • Example 2: Thank you Father, for this day. It would have been perfect if it had not rained.

Do you see the energy that is part of the first prayer of thanksgiving? What is the difference between the energy of the first prayer and the second? The second example was a prayer of thanksgiving, but it was conditional.

In saying, "Thank you God, for my wonderful car. I wish it didn't need engine repairs", you are really saying, "Why did you not help me select a car that is more reliable?" To this question your Father will answer: "Why are you creating an automobile in need of repairs?"

Everything comes back to the same Truth. You are the creator of your world. You are the band leader of your symphony. You can make beautiful music or your band can create chaotic sound with no rhythm, making it uncomfortable to be part of your drama. Being in rhythm with God is comfortable. Never will you feel the sick feeling of dread within the pit of your stomach as you go forward into one of your creations that are in alignment with the plan of your Father.

Know that all you are presented with in this lifetime is designed and put in place by you or is the backlash of your choosing to not make a choice. Asking for divine guidance in alignment with the plan is like purchasing insurance in the event of a disaster. When God is your co-pilot your flight plan will always be a direct and purposeful one. I say purposeful because each and every event that you play out in your drama of life is for a purpose. When your life purpose is to climb to the top of Mt. Everest and you are born ignorant of the plan and unwavering in your choice to go through your life without the assistance of those who are in service to you, you may wander aimlessly throughout the world spending your youth only to find the majesty of that mountain when you are old and infirm, only then remembering your destiny.

Imagine that your destiny in this life was to become the most brilliant pediatric heart surgeon in history. You ignore the whispering within your heart and though you were a brilliant student you cast aside all care for things of man and spend your youth on drugs and alcohol. In the end you see the folly of your ways and realize that your destiny was to have crossed many souls whose path deviated because of your lack off choice. You did not put your choices into the hands of God, where opportunities make themselves available to you in the time and order that is best suited for your destiny. With God there is no mistakes, no wrong turns or fear of missing the best possible opportunity or path to step on to. With God there is only knowing, knowing that all is in balance. There is hope because you will know that all will be in rightness. Each lesson is learned and then released to the universe. When you embrace a life in alignment with the Father you will know that the evolution of your planet will evolve in grace and you, my beloved, will be where you shall be for the fulfillment of your plan with the creator.

You have come here in this time for more than a journey of lessons. Though they have been many, your lessons have been played out in preparation for now. You are preparing now for a time of lessened turbulence, but still one of change. Your part, which you have freely chosen, in holding the energy of love throughout these changes is a great one. Can you imagine the fear and anger that will be present in these times? It will be vanquished only by your lack of fear and your ever present message of hope and love.

You may slip into fear of the masses for a time but the energy will not allow you to reside there long. Because of your ever increasing level of lightness it becomes very difficult for you to remain in negative energy for more than a short duration. In truth, as the days and months progress you will be able to withstand less and less of it. You will run to embrace the lighter energy.

Know this my beloved, when you step into the path of God you will never wonder if you are traveling in the direction most suited to your evolution into lightness and remembering. If, in every creation, you open to the best possible outcome within your highest purpose you will lay aside at last, any fear of the immanent changes before you and the course of your life leading up to them. Accomplishing that, there is only love and a life filled with hope. I am beside you in all your choices, reflecting back to you the one great truth; you are love.

Your beloved Mother, Mary (pages 22-32)


* * * * * * * *

a lesson from Divine Mother Mary (pages 52 to 61 )

Imagine a meadow deep with snow? It is covered in tracks from the steps of humanity. Following it you know that it leads somewhere and if you keep on the tracks of the others you will no be lost.

Now, imagine that you veer off the path of footsteps of all of the others who have traversed the trail. It is frightening. You might fall and be hurt and no one will ever find you and so, will be frozen and lay your body down. You continue along, all of the while keeping the path of the many within your view. Then you become aware of how beautiful the pristine snow is and the trees that you never took notice of before. You are able to see animal tracks now and an occasional bird or deer. You feel One with the Everything and for a time you forget about the trail follow by the many. Instead, you are filled with such joy and an awareness of the silence. This is a place of peace. You love it here and wish you could build a beautiful cabin and plant fields of flowers in the spring.

The path is un-travelled and yet you have left your fear behind. You are one with the land. A wolf steps up to you, unafraid and un-menacing, and you marvel at the safety and purity of the place. As you climb to the top of a knoll you look down and see the place of the many. Will you go down to join them or choose to stay?

Lesson Five

Open your heart to the sounds of love and releasing my darlings. Yours is a path of divinity. All things are of the Father and so they shall be blessed and sanctified. Your concern over past transgressions created by you and borne by you, or put upon others by you are only stepping stones upon your path to now.

Now is everything. It is the all. There is truly no past or future, my little doves. All is happening in the now moment. Your concerns with childhood issues are blessed but terribly unnecessary. What was then was then and what is now is then too. You must understand that all paths leading to the one you are now on have painted the picture that you now represent. If any part of your journey to now were to change, you would not be the same wonderful presence achieved by those hurdles.

Know always that all is created by you, either consciously or by your higher being. Your over soul is guiding and prompting and waving the director's wand always. You are no here for no reason and the paths you have traversed have never been by accident or by the will of others who dominate you. They have no power over you, my love. They are only fulfilling your desire to experience what they wield upon you.

The energy you hold tightly to, from those past events is effecting your path of openness to Father and all He hopes for you. When you hold on to energy from a beating you received or wielded, you block the flow of pure spirit into the area you store it. Releasing that energy back to father, blessing it and loving it as something you created, for whatever reason, will expose it to the raw power of your own blessed light. It will be purified and changed forever into the blessed light of love. Each event of transformation releases, and then allows easier exposure of other hidden blockages, which bind up energy in your beautiful body of light. It is time to lay those old lessons aside and open to a clearer path.

Can you imagine a train rushing down its track, intent only on reaching its destination? Firm in its conviction that more coal in the burner creates more power and speed, it travels faster and faster, passing many opportunities to change its track and go another direction with perhaps more pleasant scenery.

Look straight forward, without acknowledging that there could be another way is blind thinking. Opening up to a newer and untried path is creation of a finer path and one that will lead to more opportunities to experience. You are free to choose.

Releasing old hurts or guilt is part of those choices. Open up your divine spirit to healing yourself and all negative energy you are creating, even now. One negative thought or feeling attracts others and they do no fly by you, my dears, they settle within your magnificent body as illness. Dis-ease is energy that is bound within you by ropes of steel. No saw can cut those ropes. Nor can a pill or potion of any kind erase what only you can release with a simple intention and blessing. Why continue to punish yourself, my darlings? As swiftly as they can evaporate, you will also open to a more pure and beloved lightness. It is so unfortunate that many are like a magnet for barbs of steel and shards of glass to tear and rip away at the beautiful temple that your blessed Father has created for you.

More and more the world you have created covers itself in dung, but, as some gratefully crawl out into the light of purification, it makes the blessed climb easier for the next. This is happening more and more as your planet lightens and prepares. Know that each event of forgiveness and blessing marks the transformation of your blessed earth mother. It makes her way easier and lifts her into a more lightened energy which is felt by everything. Even the leaf on a tree or a blade of grass knows of your choice and bows to your greatness as you release, and choose again.

What heavenly choice can you think of that would lighten you and fill you with joy? Would it be to help those who aided you in your experience of negative energy, so that they might know your same joy? They so willingly played a part in your drama. Could you now bless them by assisting in their healing? They have been your oppressor or victim, and unknowingly hold the same energy within them, which has closed them to the full lightness that will lift them from their darkness. How blessed is the soul who lifts up another into remembering who they truly are. In the darkness they have forgotten that they are an unlit lamp. Release them so they too can light up to match God's brightness that fills every room.

Releasing your negative energy, that is connected to all beings, is enough to help them to release. You must realize that they have also been attracting like energy to that old experience and they are buried even deeper because of it.

How can you help your partner in Act 3 of your play to shovel away enough dung to climb out? Sometimes all that is required is a hand to grasp on to. Other times a shovel is needed. Their willingness to release is also a factor and one that must be acknowledged and honored. Your light energy of release is sometimes enough and may be stored within them until a later time when choice moves your partner into action.

No to have tried is no to have totally released. A positive thought of love and lightness takes only a second. Is it no worth that small effort in opening your heart and lightness to all?


Lesson One:

Fill your entire body with the Fathers light of love and acceptance. (If you are learning to do this, just pretend that you are doing it and it will be so.)

Now, imagine a blank piece of paper. Fill it with all of the transgressions you wish to erase from your energy. Those offenses brought upon you by others and those you brought upon them.

Bless them and each event.

Please imagine a fire, hotter than anything you can imagine; a fire that can burn through steel. It is the fire of love.

Touch the fire to the page and watch as each event washes away from your energy. [If it is easier for you, you may purge each one individually.]

Now, my darlings, you must fill your heart with love for each offender, or offended, because they still hold the energy.

Imagine the fire catching on to a strand that attaches to each person and watch as it burns the connection between you and the event you are purifying. The fire will stop when it reaches them and will remain a flicker until the time they choose to release the dense energy they hold from the previous event. It is now their choice. Bless them for their part they have played in your lesson and send them love and forgiveness, or love and acceptance, for what part you have played for them in their lesson. Even the worst of evil-doers is a blessed soul playing a part for the benefit of another. Bless them.

There is no need to contact the individuals who are holding the remaining energy from the events you just purged. Love knows no bounds and will reach them at the moment you release the energy to them. There it will aid these beings in purging the dense energy they shared with you at the time that it becomes important for them to release. Know this my darlings; each such event lightens your planet and the lives of those you release. Call on me in this procedure and I will always be with you to aid in your lightening of the burdens which are causing you dis-ease and discomfort. It is done.

Lightness is no small thing. It is everything.

Examine how you feel when you look out of your window to find a glorious day. The sun is rising onto a blue sky, amongst fluffy clouds being pushed by a gentle breeze. Does your heart not swell with a lightness and hopefulness that this beautiful day can only bring good things to your life?

Now, imagine opening your window blind to find a dark day, filled with blustering wind and black clouds filled with great drops of rain that will plummet down upon your carefully styled hair and ironed clothing. "Well, this is going to be a lousy day," you think to yourself. Your outlook for the day's events is bleak. "After all, what good can possibly come from a day like this?"

I shall no enter into weather patterns and their usefulness in God's plan and the balance of your world. I have only used this example so that you might examine your perspective of light and darkness.

All light things seem to lift your spirits don't they? A lovely song, a flower in bloom, a blue or star lit sky, a rolling plain or mountain covered in blessed trees or frosted with snow. All of these things and many more are there for you to use as a tool. Pull yourself from darkness when you feel yourself falling into dis-ease or discomfort. It is a matter of choice to remain in dense energy and, as we discussed earlier, it perpetuates itself into more and dense energy. This is the law of attraction. Why not choose to change tracks at the first recognition of negative denseness. Why not consciously choose lightness? Why not shift to what gives you joy or comfort? It is so simple to have at your disposal many such tools for these times. Can you imagine turning on your favorite music and lighting a candle with the intention of thanking Father for all that is right and good in your life, and then listing them?

Surround yourself with things that bring you joy. Flowers and growing things, pictures and colours you vibrate to. Visit favorite places often and open to doing what states who you are, rather than what you are willing to do to make a living. All things will be made possible when you choose. Why not choose what brings you joy and fulfillment?

A prison guard does not have to denote negativity if approached as a position where light can shine into a place of darkness. If one feels the darkness creeping into his or her expectation of what and who they are though, it is not giving up to step aside and choose a profession more suited to building bridges rather than a constant struggle to defend the structure.

What if, instead, you were open to a job that strengthens your purpose and perception of who you are and wish to become? A place you would create, that would be filled with laughter and friendship and growth. Would it not then be easier to transform even a little darkness back into lightness when all around you emanate the same positive energy?

All days will not be perfect, my darlings. Your journey will have potholes in the road from time to time. That is why we have come to this place, this proving ground. Anything less would be boring. The key is to transform a dark day into one of lightness quickly, before it has time to build up a wall of water to crash down upon you.


Lesson Two

Think of all of the things, sights, sounds and smells that fill you with joy.

Write them down.

If you love roses, plant them. If you long to be in the forest or at the ocean, go there or put pictures of those places where you can see them. If you have comfort foods, keep them on hand. If you have a favorite colour you resonate with, decorate with it in places you spend most of your time. Keep favorite uplifting music everywhere you spend time, the office, your automobile, your bedroom and other rooms of your home.

If it is a constant battle to stay light at your job, and you have done all that you can to raise the lightness of the place, consider choosing another field or place of employment that matches or challenges you to lighter instead of struggling to stay light. You will not be failing. There is no grade at the end of the test you made for yourself. Sometimes winning is choosing not to run the race or, changing the track, like the little train.

Change gives us an opportunity for new experiences and growth. When you choose a new path we all cheer for you because you are creating. It is your birthright. All you create is divine. Do not fear the unknown. A blank piece of paper can become anything.

Call upon me in all times of creating. I am with you in your choice and your deliberate changing of track. It is why you have come.

Mother Mary (pages 52-61)

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These quotes are from the book: "The Light Thing To Do" by Jill Marie, founder of the Serenity Vibration HealingĀ® and Enlightenment or SVH. An unedited manuscript - with permission to use in this web site. 

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