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Welcome to ~ Gnome’s Mill, Australia

by Artist & Spiritual explorer: John G Cook


+61 (0)2-6647 3249 


826 Lilydale - Jackadgery Rd. Lilydale NSW 2460 Australia

(about 38km west of Grafton NSW, Australia)

(Opens weekends and public holidays only, 9am to 5pm.)

 -  everyone welcome  -  9am to 5pm, weekends  and  NSW public holidays only.

"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better" ..... Albert Einstein.

Look for John Cook's Picture Books & Drawings of the 7 ArchAngels and Divine Mother art

Home of Divine Mother’s Holy Tree

This whole area, of some 200 acres is a very special and blessed space where John has created some impressions of nature and spirit that reflects what he sees, imagines and knows is for real in his universe. 

Imagination is important because it fuels the unlimited possibilities and potentials of nature and spirit.


* Fairy Church - totally built in nature

* Divine Mother Temple - a lovely space

* Meditations

* 4 Gnome books available

* 1 poetry book

* Angelic Exhibition 

You are invited to come and explore this wonderful space, with John as your guide and story teller. 

Gently Now On Mother Earth

Some lovely art, books and stories available.  

Here are some views of Gnome's Mill

No admission, and you are most welcome on

weekends and / or public Holidays, 

from 9am to 5pm.


Always something to view and to enjoy


A Gnome who came in for repairs is now well and happy

* * * * *

A local kangaroo 'Hoppy' loves the bird bath :-)       


all part of the adventure here

A map to help you get there. Bring your imagination :-)

************ Copyright John G Cook, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017. ************

Fairy Healing: If you would like a 7 minute YouTube: Fairy Golden Healing - click here & go to Movies - a gift from Michael Bray & SVH - opens in a new window.

For a transcript from a real Fairy, in the South of France - click here - (new window) 

PLANTS: DAMANHUR Community in Italy.

There is a lot of research happening regarding plants and communication. There are video's to explore and a whole web site about people who research plants, trees, energy and healing for people and earth. There is a wonderful CD with Music from the Trees and Plants - highly recommended.

The organisation is Damanhur in Northern Italy and also represented in other countries. On FaceBook too.

Enjoy exploring, expanding and reaching beyond your wildest dreams, Love & Light, Michael

Michael has written 6 books about Angels and Life