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Lessons from Lord Sananda

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Lessons from Lord Sananda from 'The Light Thing To Do' by Jill Marie founder of SVH

A lesson from Lord Sananda

The time has come for you to awaken fully to your magnificence and to why you have come to this lifetime.

You have reached the dusk of your wandering and are awakening to a new dawn of conscious living. From this moment forward you will recognize that everything effects the All and nothing occurs without meaning.

Approach all denseness as if it were raindrops on the windshield of your automobile. Simply deflect it away from your energy or wipe it away.

Go forth in Love.

Lesson One (p13 - 17)


Here we all are, waiting and wondering...... "When will I awaken? When will I remember my spiritual journey? When will I be there?"

These questions are asked over and over again by millions of beings throughout the universe. It is wonderful for us to hear these prayers. They bring great joy to those of us who are in service to you. Every utterance or thought which acknowledges that there IS an awakening to be experienced makes it so. In truth, awakening occurs upon thinking or saying the words. How blessed you are for your feelings of anticipation of a Oneness with God, your blessed Creator.

Your awakening and awareness of your spiritual journey has in truth been ongoing since your human birth this lifetime. You have been traveling through many opportunities for choice. If you were to examine your lifetime as if it were a map of your journey, the progression to lightness you have experienced is one which has crossed many mountains and flatlands. There have been rivers and streams to cross and your choices in these events have always been honored, even when those choices have manifested themselves into painful lessons.

As we shall discuss in the following lessons, there is no right or wrong path of your journey to home, nor is there a defining of how long it might take to transverse the path. It is of course more advantageous for a being to go with the flow of the stream of life than to fight the current. Once you have a feel for the energy of events or circumstances, it becomes easier to define what you would prefer to experience based on what you would not like to endure. That knowing can aid you in making decisions or choices of which path to take or what one would be best left un-travelled. In all cases, the path of most lightness is the one that will feel the better in your solar plexus. How a choice feels is most important because, like a barometer, your solar plexus will always give you a taste of the energy that is attached to the choice.

A very important segment of your path to awakening will be your selection of direction and the pace of your travel through the adventures you choose. Do not fear that there is punishment for what you might now interpret as wrong choices or transgressions. When all is concluded in this lifetime you will revel in the choices you have made and never will there be judgments, only love. You will see the picture of your lifetime in its entirety and will at last understand the events which were not clear to you throughout the process. You will exclaim, "Oh, that is why I did that!" or "Well, if I would have known that!" One thing that will be the most clear to you in that moment is the importance of this very special time and your part in it.

Your part is merged with the plot of many other beings who are also participants in this grand plan and who are playing their parts with great magnificence. (Some of those magnificent players will live out their lessons, specifically choosing that they shall not awaken at the point of challenge to do so. They are divine and we honor their choice.

Your desire to read the words of this volume, and the others of its likeness is a direct indication that you are not one of those beings who will not awaken My dear one. Know that you are one of the many beings who are choosing to awaken to your brilliance, and a more involved role, rather than a passer-by moving through life. It is important that you recognize this challenge of awakening and know that there is great service in store for you. Your destiny, though it has not been written, was chosen by you personally before you were born into your body. Awakening to your desired path does not even mean that you will become a mindless robot whom God directs from one function unto the next. You will never loose your ability to choose in all events, especially when you surrender yourself to the blessings of your father. In surrendering you truly reach a clarity that can not be matched.

For Example:

You are floating aimlessly down a swift waterway. Your raft is sturdy and strong but there are rapids ahead so you begin to feel unsure of your safety and direction. In a moment of panic you ask God to save you.

Surrendering your journey down this waterway to God does not rob from you the choice of which port you may stop or how long your ride shall continue. Instead, in the instant of your surrender, on your raft will appear a rudder. Your path will continue on as before, only now, because of your lighter choice to place yourself in the hands of your God, you will find yourself gliding fearlessly down the waterway. The key to deciding a path that is in synchronization with your energy in the now moment is in surrendering your choice to God. In that moment of your surrender you will at last fully recognize and realize that never were you in danger and never was there a wrong direction.

It is important that you remember that all choices are correct My beloved children. Some hard lessons may follow a decision and yet another may bring you comfort, bliss and remembering. All paths are blessed and divine and there is much to learn from each.

When in the moment of recognition that your choice may be one or strife, it is always wise to remember that God blesses all of your many decisions to experience life. How would you gain appreciation for lush flora if you never viewed a wasteland? Some beings prefer the beauty of the desert to the majestic pines of a forest. Opposites are our greatest teachers.

Example: Light & Shadow

What great joy is felt by your heart upon the rising of the sun after a blissful night of resting your body. It is rivaled only by the setting of the same sun as it fills your skies with gold and red and your day descends into darkness once more.


* * * * * * *


A lesson from Lord Sananda: (p17-21)

If you choose one day to live in darkness, you would stumble on unseen obstacles, and, though your legs would be bruised and scraped, your Blessed Father knows that no real harm can come to you. Even, though He knows that the same path, traveled in lightness, would be an easier one, he always honors your choice to learn that lesson in your own time.

When traveling your path in darkness you are choosing to reside with and to embody fear. How lonely it is when a choice is made to embrace fear and its partners, anger and envy. All three are from the same seed and feed upon each other.

You will find that a road that is traveled in fear is a hard one. Once you recognize fear's poison, if you will surrender that path to God, you will find that all will shift into a place of rightness and lightness with great ease in only an instant.

"I surrender." Is that not easy? "I surrender this troubled path to God." Those words will cause you to remember, in that instant, that you are a part of the Oneness and never have you been alone. Like a child, lost in a department store, your fear and hopelessness vanish as you run to the safety of your Father's embrace. All fear is instantly replaced by clarity of the one great truth, a remembering beyond remembering. When your hand rests in the hand of God, there is only love. When your footsteps follow the path of lightness, there is only peace. When your heart is open to the beauty of life, there is only one outcome that will surely follow; gratitude.

You are creator of your realm and there are no victims within your creations. The outcome of all action is in direct compliance with what you allow.

Many beings are living a life of bondage because they have not remembered that they have the ability to choose. Choosing creates change. No choosing is also a choice and in all times the right to not choose is honored. It is important to recognise that, almost every event of non-choice takes one down a spiraling path which bears bitter fruit.


You may request these blessings from Lord Sananda at bed time and upon rising:

Before bed: I request that all of my Angels and beings of light that are in service to me, work with me as I sleep.

Upon rising: I am open to all direction from God, my Father, and all those he has directed to serve me.

Lord Sananda: (p17-21)




A Channeled Message to You from Lord Sananda (pages 86-94)  


Lift up your heart to God and dedicate each day to the purpose of awakening to your greatness. We who love you await every discovery that you make which brings you closer to your divinity.

You are One with the Creator of the All and the Everything and have been gifted the same power of manifestation as myself, in previous incarnations and other Masters who have walked this great proving ground, and have awakened to their greatness. It is so simple, my dear sisters and brothers. Without realizing it you have been using your powers of creation all along, as often as you have taken a blessed breath.

Even still, most beings do not remember the sequence of manifestation and have been creating from cellular memory.

This is the time for you to claim your birthright and to reject old programming that is in opposition to the truth that you are One with The Creator.

 Lord Sananda

* * * 

Lesson Nine

Manifesting Lightness in the Life You Are Choosing


You are not a leaf, pushed by the wind and blown from one trick of fate to the next, my beloved. Life does not have it in for you, nor does it play dirty tricks. All manner of things within your life have been created by you, either directly by choice, or indirectly by the act of not choosing. Allowing others, within your circle of players, to make choices for you will lead you into a labyrinth of lessons where you will stay until you recapture what has never left you, the ability to create your own destiny.

Rest assured that, throughout your journey, you are always surrounded by Angels, personal cheerleaders who are whispering to you many suggestions and gifts of information that you may choose to accept or reject. Your Angels are holding court to nurture and guide you, through the mire and the brambles of this lifetime, out into the open road that will take you steadily toward your next adventure. There is never any judgment on their part, or God's, about which direction you take back to home. Neither is there an award for meritorious service at the end of this lifetime, or a place of pain set aside for the pain givers or robbers you encounter from life to life. They are all playing their part in your drama and are honored, right beside the Sunday school teacher, the beggar and the rapist. Those names are only labels placed on masters of their own creation. The truth of every being is that they are all beloved children of God who are playing a part in the game of life and each role is divine.

When finally you can get past the incorrect assumption that an angry God is punishing you for your past transgressions, you will at last understand the truth about the great gift you were given when you became a participant in this lifetime and others.

Your Creator, Messiah, Father, Mother, God, or any name you may choose to call him, is love and love and love. He is not angry, vengeful, or manipulative. He is your greatest supporter in every of your choices, even if those choices create new and harder lessons that must be endured. He applauds your choice for lightness, and acknowledges your choice for more lessons. Your Father knows the essence of you and is proud beyond measure of your triumphs as well as your tribulations. He would not ever smite you or your loved ones with one moment of discomfort. He does not cause illness, deformity or death in any being because of the sins of their fathers or as punishment for any event on your world or any other. All of those maladies are created by the person experiencing the trial and sometimes in conjunction with another party that is affected.

For instance, I am wishing to experience a life of struggle as a person living with a disability. It is more challenging than some of my other lives where I was the King of the Jews and the Pharaoh Djoser. It is true that in the life of Christ I was crucified and as Pharaoh I died young, but neither of those lifetimes did I need to be helped from my bed to be bathed and dressed because of infirmity. I was able to feed myself and walk about like a man and experienced great love. I was a healer in those lives and quite capable of raising a man from the dead or transforming a broken body into one that was whole.

In choosing to be helpless, and at the mercy of all who care for me, I will enable myself to come full circle in the experience. Yes, the experience. Believe me when I tell you that we all have been the beggar and the king, the murderer and the murdered. Within the drama it all appears to be very intense but the lifetimes we draw the most from are always the ones which have been the most challenging. We can also draw experience from the lives of beings within our own cluster or lineage. The key to adversity is in how the struggle is being perceived by both the one struggling and the other players in the drama who are also affected by the event.

As a Pharaoh and healer I was beloved by thousands and in the life of Christ, those touched by my message of love and hope have been many millions, and yet, which life would I, a being longing for experience, have an opportunity to learn the most from, that of a healer or a person with a disability.

Life as a person with a disability would at least hold little or no impact on generations to come. As a Pharaoh Healer and the Christ Healer, both lives were steeped with much responsibility to the station. It became quite heady to live as a being that was followed about and called God but perhaps you can appreciate the great pressure I endured each day, as the Christ and as Pharaoh. Neither being could afford the luxury of getting up on the wrong side of the bed, when nearly every word uttered was scribed or carved into stone. I was expected to be perfect, which of course I was, and so, my beloved brothers and sisters, are you!

If I choose to live a life as a person with a disability or a beggar, I will acquire an unseen ability to affect or impact many lives around me. Certainly not millions, or even thousands, but, the caretaker of the person with the disability; the driver of the car who will hit me one rainy night, the bartender or fiend of the driver who did not take away his keys, the emergency room staff, my surgeon, the physical therapist or the thousands of people throughout the years who will see me as I push my wheel chair throughout the small town I choose. They will look upon my infirmity and without touching or speaking to me, they will still be affected as they silently thank God that they are not me. For the first time in a very long time, those beings will look at their lives and realize that things are not so bleak. No matter how bad their life may seem at times, at least they have their legs, they will think.

We are given a choice in this and other lifetimes and those choices are always honored. I can choose to be an inspiration to all who know me, a person that people will speak kindly about. "He is such a wonderful and uplifting person, even though he has every right to be bitter." Or, I could choose to be a bitter disabled person; one who resolves to make everyone's life a living hell because I am creating one for myself.

When you create lemons in your life, you can choose to make lemonade or a magnificent drama of pain and suffering. There is no wrong choice, just choice.

Half of the fun of creating events is in the discovery that you, the person you are today, created every disaster or triumph within the life you have lived until now. Some of your best drama was a compilation of what you wished to experience, coupled with the full cooperation of other beings within your drama, in order to complete a full scale soap opera. In truth, 99% of humanity has no idea that they have already set into motion much of what will be happening tomorrow.

Do you see where I am going with this dialog? Life, and how we perceive it and respond to its challenges is the whole game and you, believe it or not, are the puppet master.

Above all else, no being ever lays down their body without first, at a higher level, making that choice to leave. Contrary to popular belief, God does not send the Angel of death to steal you away from those you love. You alone will choose the time of your departure from the body you reside in now. Always and always you are surrounded by Angels of love who, when your transition does come to pass, will hold you close to their bosom and swiftly move you through the veil of remembering, back to the place you call home.

Consciously you will quite possibly be unaware of your choice to return to spirit and so, it is with great love that I will remind you that life is but a moment, While you are here, living out your days, why not begin living them deliberately? Now is the time to make a clear choice to speak only what is truth to you and think only thoughts which will bring about positive change. You alone have the complete power to end the deception that has stopped you from recapturing what has forever been yours to keep.

You are creating your world, and so, why not create a world that is full of love and lightness? If you choose to make it so, no more will you feel that you are a victim. There will be no one who has power over your being and no one will ever abuse or pressure you against your will. This is your life and in this time of transition, even the smallest intention shall become a reality to you.

You are the creator of your world. Awakening to that truth is what you are meant to do in this time of great change. You are meant to rub the sleep from your eyes and rise up to take responsibility for your choices so that in the days ahead you will be an anchor for those who will have not yet fully awaken.

They will feel as though they have been left adrift in an angry sea and will cling to your stability and strength of purpose as you become for them a teacher and a friend. When they are ready to "hear", you will teach them what you will have learned about holding the energy of lightness and rejection of the dense and slow thought forms and actions. All that you have learned, about the light thing to do, you will share with those who are fearful and your strength will inspire them. They will only then be awakening and will not have received the tools that you have been given, and so, your purpose is a great one because you will enable them to go forward and awaken to the new world that will be birthing before them. They are crying out to remember how to release the chains that have bound them from youth. You and others like you will become a force that will shift the energy from fear into love so that all may begin 1,000 years of peace on your beloved planet.

Know that how you came to this life, whether beggar or king, is part of the bigger plan and your station is of no importance. If you have created adversity, rise above it. If you have placed yourself within a life of challenge, rise up to meet it. The reasons you have chosen to be who you are today may be beyond your comprehension at this time but it is important for you to remain open to its infinite possibilities because in this and all lives, no mistakes have been made. You are the being that was planted here for a purpose. Your life right now is important and you have chosen, long before your birth, to be here in this now moment and make a difference in the events that will occur on your blessed earth. You came to this time to be part of the great plan.

All of the events leading up to this one path have been your adventure. They have been in preparation of what is to come. In the days ahead, as you become lighter and open to your true power as creator, you will awaken fully to the gifts that you have brought in to this lifetime and as you breath love into all that you create, you will remember the truth of who you truly are and why you have come here in this now moment. I honor your choices to be of service in this time and am here to aide you in all ways.

Please consider me to be your personal guide from this day forward and call on me in every of your meditations and allow me to help you through any of your trials. Remember that ego will be your greatest foe in the times ahead and will consider you to be unworthy of the greatness that awaits you. It would be my great honor to aid you in vanquishing its efforts in every time you are assaulted by it or pulled into its web of deceit.

The words that I bestow upon you are powerful ones and ego can not ever ignore them.

'Stand aside, ego, in the name of the Christ. It is done.'

Lord Sananda


A Channeled Message to You from Lord Sananda (pages 86-94)

* * * * example of the son who desired to become an actor the guardian was angry and full of resentment and fear.

Choosing again, in what way could you aid your son, guiding him down a smoother path without controlling his destiny?



Your son comes to you with his hearts desire to quit college and become an actor. After your initial shock has passed, you ask him if he has a plan and if he will require your assistance. You have a few questions. Would he care to honor you by hearing them? We shall pretend that he says yes.

Would a college that has a good arts department give him a more well rounded education rather than eliminating his academic studies for an acting academy? Is he aware that some acting academies are more diverse than another? One may lean more toward stage acting than screen?

Which one will serve his needs?

What location will lend him the best opportunity to get work?

Can you now see how much guidance your son would receive if you were open and remained detached?

If you explode with anger, demanding your son's obedience he may comply with your wishes or rebel, doing what he planned from the beginning.

If your son explodes and leaves to follow his dream there will grow a void between you. He will find it difficult to share his triumphs and disappointments with you in the years to come. If you choose to guide instead of control, your son will glean valuable information and direction from you and feel safety in coming to you with concerns along the path of his life.

When you are able to take yourself and your dreams and plans for his future out of the equation, you allow a great being of light to move onward toward his destiny. Choosing to come from a place of facilitator will drop the shields between both of you and open your son to your guidance and wisdom.

Perhaps your son will make two commercials and never realize his dream of being an actor. If he knows that you support him it will matter not what adventure follows the next as he reels through the days and months and years of his journey. No one truly knows the destiny of another because it is even now in the making.

 There is a deep stirring within each of you to reach out beyond your place of origin and make a mark in this lifetime, to make a difference and to shine. There is a greatness in each of you and a depth beyond your knowing. Trust that the answers you seek are within you. Stretch out to fulfill the dreams within you that seem impossible and challenge yourself beyond what you believe you are capable. You are more than your body. You are creating your world. Understand that if you are creating your world, so too are those around you. Control not, just as you would not wish to be controlled. Honor every being's destiny. Know that each young bird that leaves its nest marks passage of a dream that has been born and flourishes on. Embrace the dreams of others and judge not, but assist from a place of openness and loving. There is no wrong path, only choice. Each choice brings dusk to what might have been and dawn to a new and exciting adventure.

In all choice there is triumph. When you honor the choices of others, my dear ones, you are moving with the rhythm of the Plan. There are no mistakes, only choices.


Choose well my beloved.

Lord Sananda


A Channeled Message to You from Lord Sananda (pages 110-119)

all from the book 'The Light Thing To Do'™ - Channeled lessons received by Jill Marie, founder of Serenity Vibration Healing®

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These quotes are from the book: "The Light Thing To Do" by Jill Marie, founder of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment or SVH. An unedited manuscript - with permission to use in this web site. 

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