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Lessons from Saint Germaine

*** This is the 4th page of messengers from 'The Light thing to do' ***

Lessons from St. Germaine from 'The Light Thing To Do' by Jill Marie founder of SVH.

A Channeled Message to You from Saint Germaine (pages 40-51)  

Blinking is the opening and shutting of your eyelids. Not blinking would, in a very short time, become very painful. Not living with your full spirit connection is like not blinking. It is natural to be with Spirit, and yet, it is a challenge to maintain loving thought and intention throughout time-span without misdirecting energy to the negative impulses that pervade your existence here on earth plain. Every moment not spent in a loving thought is like not blinking to Spirit. The desire to be in love mindedness is so strong that it is almost painful until the love returns.

As the eyes dry from not blinking, so too does the spirit without love.

Saint Germaine


Lesson Four

Expansive Thinking


Life on your earth is such a blessing. It is a mortal life that is spent here and so it is fraught with many challenges and opportunities to experience. It is thought by many that this is all there is, so they strive to make the most of it. I like that analogy. It is untrue but still lends the impression of wanton disregard for fretting the soul from expanding to its most desirous experiences.

Can you imagine a soul, excitedly awaiting its visit to your world? Knowing all that is possible to create and learn it enters and the first word the little soul learns in it's new world is "NO". You can not run and shout and laugh and splash and of course you may not take chances or a leap of faith.

There is a box for you to live in little soul and you may not step out of it or you will be thought strange or ill. Sleep little soul, in a dream of sameness and un-adventure. The best of souls conform to special rules that make us all the same and that will make you the happiest you have ever been because you will feel safety; safety from the unknown, untried and unexperienced. And when you are old, little soul, and your life is done, you can be buried in a pretty box with satin lining and many people will come to wish you a safe journey home.

Many will differ in their opinion of where you will go after death, little soul. Some will say that you will become food for the worms and will go back to the ashes from where you came. Others will see you standing at the pearl laden gates of heaven, if you have belonged to the correct organized religion. If not, even though you have not stepped off the path and run headlong into the sun and rolled in the sand and giggled and ate cookies for dinner, you will not be worthy to enter. At least you stayed on the path little soul for, had you not, you would be now bathed in flames, screaming in agony for eternity. Yes, little soul, you must stay on the path or be consumed in fire.

Do you remember touching something hot or being burned by a drop of boiling water? Do you remember how much it hurt, even after the offender was removed? For days the area that was affected was bothersome, until your blister burst and out poured water from under the skin. God gives you a bandage even for a little wound, can you imagine him not protecting you from the large and unseen. You see, my friend, the pure and happy little soul was trained by fear of pain and un-acceptance to never step away from the same path chosen by the many to be the safe one. They used fear of burning and anguish to train the new little soul to look straight ahead and not veer from the path of safety and the oneness of the mob of the non-living.

Fear robs one of the life that your Father has given you as a gift. How different the life of that little soul would be if his or her first word learnt was "YES". Can you imagine its joy as it laughs and runs and plays? Do you remember the joy you felt as a child when you ran in the sun and there was no Visa payments to fetter you?

Lesson 1

Step off the path. Walk into uncharted territory. Step out of your cubicle and breathe the air your Father has gifted you with and feel the sun on your arms. Do not think of your deadlines or your commitments. Only what it is like to feel. Take off your shoes and put your feet into the earth. Rub them around in it. What do you feel? Lie down and look up into the sky. Feel the earth and its energy pulse through you. For once, do not have a care. Do not worry about what people think, they will think you have lost your mind, and you have. You have left it behind. Push all thoughts of time from you. You are eternal and there is no time; only you, in the now moment feeling the blessed earth that feeds you. Her energy is coursing through your every cell right now.

Your beloved mother cares not if you are covered in her dirt or sand. She does not love you in spite of it but delights in your pleasure of her. She is there to feed you and has been lonely for your attentions. Since you grew up you no longer sit close to her and feel her on your body. She misses you.

You live in a world of asphalt and cement. Your centre is disrupted because of your body's inability to ground and connect with your blessed Mother Earth. It is more important than you know. That is why it is so essential to ground yourself at every opportunity and to periodically loose your mind as we described earlier. Take off your shoes and step off the path. Feel the energy of the trees around you. They are in service to you. They love and honor your journey and add much to the pleasure of it. Not only do they clean your air but can you imagine a world without the beauty of a tree to lighten your heart. They are a reminder of home. Use them and then bless their journey. Theirs is a very special one. Their wisdom and grounding are helpful in keeping your planet aligned. They are like a tuning fork and are always available to lighten your energy if you will only reach out. Your Father has given you many such tools to help you and as you awaken to them you too shall awaken more to the beauty and splendor of your world. It abounds with so many pleasurable opportunities to feel and see and smell. Using all of your senses is a whisper of thank you to your Father, who created you. He wants only the best of journeys for you. I say journeys because there are many. You are hoping perhaps that this is the only one? That thinking would keep you on the path, instead of stepping off, and award you the pretty box lined in satin, with a room full of friends who will gladly put you on one side of the gate to heaven or the other.

Expansive thinking and remembering what you already know but forgot, will allow you much more. Then, when all of your friends gather in that room around your body, they will rejoice at your passing into the light back to Father and on to another adventure.

Life is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. Sometimes you may wish to get off the ride because it is too frightening. Stop the ride, I want to get off! And some make that choice. Others continue on as their life takes great turns and spins. When the ride finally comes to a stop and you get off, you will have a choice to get back in line and hop on again for another ride or step back while others enjoy another round of excitement. After all, my darlings, we can never truly be harmed. We can be shook up a bit though and have wonderful adventures or walk down the straight and safe path of nothing ventured nothing gained. It is always a choice. What will you choose?

Choosing to step off of the path of indifference does not mean you will need to get a sports car and buy all new clothes. Although that would be fun, stepping off the path only means opening up to remember, creating and choosing in each moment instead of reacting. If someone told you that they hated your sweater, what would your immediate feelings be? Indifference, anger, hurt feelings? How about laughter? What if you laughed out loud and hugged that person and said, "I am so glad you feel comfortable enough with me that you can share whatever you feel or think". What would the person think? It doesn't matter. Whether they know it or not, they were in service to you and in that moment of choice, you surpassed what they hoped for you. Bless them.

Acting deliberately and with a lightness that holds no rancor for any one or anything allows you to create without bias. You were born to create in every moment and in every one of you is the memory of how to do it. Some of you are awakening and becoming quite accomplished at weaving straw into a silk blanket. Many more of you are just realizing that you created your last automobile, along with its troubles, by words and thoughts that manifest into the exact replication of your intention.

Example 1

If I were to say to you, "I am searching for an inexpensive automobile and all I can hope for is that it will get me down the road for at least one year. I hope that I don't have to put very much money into it because used cars are the last owners' throw away after they learned of an upcoming major repair". What kind of car do you think I am creating?

Example 2

Let us pretend for a moment that I am looking for someone's jewel. They have cared for it lovingly while they owned it. "I just know that is the kind of car I will find. I am so blessed. I attract great bargains and good experiences follow me everywhere I go". What kind of energy is attracted to those thoughts and words?

Like attracts like. The universal law of manifestation denotes that all that is created comes from the first thought and follows to the word and action. If you create from negative thought, your manifestation will always bless you and honor your journey by providing the negative. So it follows that, all manifestation brought forth in pure intention and positive energy will create a like outcome. Which would you prefer?

Positive energy can overcome negative energy but it must always be by choice. This is not a game of tug of war, but a way of life that can make each moment more pleasurable than the last.

Have you not wondered at something which occurred as if by magic? You just thought you would like to have something...and there it is! You have been creating in every moment and have not know it.

You are also creating when you say, "We will get there and the movie will have already started and all the good seats will be gone." Just as you predicted, or created, every street light turns red to spite you and your anger wells up. "I am so jinxed, I can never win."

Words are things my friends. They are the paint on your pallet and you hold the brush. What picture will you choose to paint? Would it not be lighter to stop negative thoughts in mid-thought and change them? They are old programming and a bad habit worth breaking if you choose.

Lesson 2

Make a list of all negative comments, thoughts, or disparaging remarks you make commonly about yourself or others.

List all comments that others make or say to or about you.

View these comments. Are they how you would like to define who you truly are? Are they the paint on your pallet that would best picture the life that you would wish for yourself?

Now choose. Do you wish to continue using and reacting to negative energy? Is it fulfilling you and filling your life with joy?

Make a deliberate choice to change the paint on your pallet.

When a negative thought pops into your mind, quickly exchange it for a positive one. Imagine your hand holds a ping-pong paddle. Swat the old thought away and replace it with a new one.

Example: "I always drop things, I am so clumsy." Whack! "I am very balanced. I never drop things."

* What energy attaches to the old thought?

* What energy attracts to the new?

When you speak before you think, back up and change the negative remark and Whack! envision your paddle sending those words to the moon.

Example: "Gosh, I can't believe that I did that. I am so stupid." Whack! "Gosh, I didn't mean to do that." Then mentally stroke yourself or say the words out loud for the world to hear. "I am so smart." "I am brilliant". Exchange the slower energy of stupid with the faster energy of the latter comments.

If you have disparaged yourself a great deal in the past, it might be helpful to put notes where you frequent. On your dashboard, your bathroom mirror, on your night table. I am loved, I am wonderful, I am a great being of light, I am a beloved child of God. You will see the notes even when you are not focusing upon them and will be subliminally reprogramming your subconscious to accept loving thoughts about yourself. If you catch yourself disparaging another, Whack! Back up immediately and apologize to the one you offended. Then change the message you wished to convey into a positive one. It may be difficult at first, but it will become easier with practice and finally you will become a master at turning any negative into a positive.

Example: 'You make me so angry! I have to tell you every time to empty the trash bin" Whack! "Oh, I'm sorry. Here are the liners for the can. I really do appreciate it when you take out the trash."

Can you see the first retort will attract anger or at least, hurt feelings or ruffled feathers? Then their negative comment will surely follow, leaving you open to hurl more negative comments until you are in full scale war and somehow his or her not liking your mother enters the picture.

The positive catch and return with your appreciation cuts through the previous negative comment and softens the request to one of acknowledgement of his or her help. When you catch the thought before you speak you can quickly change it to, "Here are the trash liners. Would you mind taking it out for me please?" Remember, a smile and a loving thought makes a deed lighter. There is no reason to save up your smiles and love. They aren't worth more when you get a bunch of them. Spreading them wherever you go is like casting seeds upon fertile soil. The more you give, the more you get back in return. Smiles and love left unfettered become like a snowball rolling down a mountain. As it builds and grows it catches up more and more positive energy, because of the laws of attraction. Soon you will have a ball that can knock down a wall of negativity and transmute it into the open arms of love. It starts with a smile and a loving thought.

Lesson 3

Negative comments that have been hurled toward you:

When you place yourself in a situation where negative energy is sent in your direction, you have a choice. You can accept the blow or reject it. Accepting it will attract more of the same and rejecting it will exact change. Example: "You are stupid."

Envision a glass window shutting in front of you. It is made of golden light and it is the love of your Father who created you. He made you in His image. Do you think He would make you stupid? Of course not, he made you wise and strong and is now helping you remember your power. You have the power of the universe at your disposal and it is love. Imagine your Father's protective arms wrapping around you and feel all of His love. He would not accept a negative thought or deed and so, as His beautiful child, you can choose to block it as well.

The person initiating the verbal blow is announcing everything about themselves and nothing about you. Deflect the barb and break it in mid-air and send it back to the offender. Send it back softened. Take the barb and envision it changed into a cotton ball. Send it back indeed, but with love.

All acts of aggression are a cry for love. Even the souls you imagine to be the most evil of the evil. They too are longing for one brief moment when they might step away from the heavily soiled robes they cover themselves in. They too are a beautiful light being only playing a part on this journey and nothing is lonelier than to be covered in a veil of dark and dense energy. It becomes so strong that it might seem impossible to lift off this aggressor but there is one thing that can break the bonds of steel that hold this being down, it is love. All things are possible where love is concerned and no chain is unbreakable. They can fall from the body with a kiss.

Intention is everything and truth falls in line beside faith, hope and charity. Open your heart to change one negative action or thought and watch as the veils begin to fall off. Some of them will be your own. When you open yourself up to loving all of God's creatures, even the ones that don't seem to want your acceptance and light energy, you change the universe. The ones who resist light energy are those crying out for it the most.

Change your perception of who you want to be into who you are by changing the paint on your blessed pallet. What you do to change your pallet directly affects the others in your life and opens them up to change or discomfort. The dark is not comforted by the light but deep inside it longs to be bathed in it. Learn by doing and teach by example. All else will follow. Call on me in these moments of change. I will light your way.

Saint Germaine


A Channeled Message to You from Saint Germaine (pages 40-51)

* * * * * * * *


A Channeled Message to You from Saint Germaine (pages 62-70)  

Prepare for a future where everything means something and nothing occurs without reason. Treat your body as the temple that it is, and love yourself enough to see the true beauty of the one who looks back in your mirror. All adversity is a challenge to love and all opportunities to love are your chance to shine.

Saint Germaine


Each of you, on your blessed Earth are here by choice; a divine one. Some of the lightest individuals are awakening to this revelation sooner than others but all are here for a purpose. Your Father is with you and part of your every breath.

I wish for one instant you could understand the vastness of the All and the Everything and your place in the dream. All of you are creating the magnificent world you live in and if you are able to understand the part you play and its importance, I believe that trivial matters will become exactly thus for you, meaningless in the grand picture you paint.

Do you remember when you were ten years old and all of the challenges you endured? Do you remember worrying about grades and tests and whether your mother would find out you had gotten in trouble at school that day? All of those occurrences are made up from the paint on your pallet and are what make up the you that is reading the words I now speak. I would not wish to change even one blessed event. Can you imagine yourself reacting to those old energies now though? They seemed to be most important at the time but now you can see them as filler; lessons that were learned and then stored away.

Can you for one moment, review the filler that you are creating now, this week, this month, today? Let us pick today. Was there anything that occurred which might have wasted your precious energy on worry, anger, or fear? Let us pretend for a moment that you were late for your work and drove faster than usual. This made you tense because you needed to be extra vigilant about your driving. There is no peaceful ride into work for you because, a dog or child could step off the curb or, a policeman might be waiting with his radar machine. You contemplate, without realizing it, the effect a minor speeding violation could have on your driving record, insurance rates and your pocket book. You know that striking a child with your automobile would forever change your life and you imagine the damage caused by hitting an animal.

With this choice you have traded away any precious moments of peace, where you might have noticed a beautiful flower or been uplifted by the many colours of your world as fallen leaves pile artfully along the side of a hill or snow frosts the tips of the trees.

Can you now see how important it is to remain in a peaceful state? Arriving late, because you have hit a dog with your car or received a traffic ticket, attracts even more dense energy to the lateness of your arrival. Why not just be late? Why not create a sense of well-being at the end of your drive that nothing can pervade, so that only light energy awaits you upon your arrival. Many say that "life is short". This is so true. If your choices were to spend the days you have been given in concern, or blissfulness, which would you choose?

What if you were cooking your evening meal and it burned? Would you be angry at yourself or your life partner for allowing the event to happen or would you surround yourself and the event with love and understanding. If you were waiting for your favorite dish in a restaurant and it arrived late or over cooked, is it worth precious moments of peace to exchange your positive energy for anger or resentment?

In this lesson I would like to stress that each of you are creating in every moment. You have an opportunity to make a deliberate choice to create in the positive. When you create a negative response, in any event, there is a tremendous shift of energy on your planet. Once knowing this, you have a great responsibility. You are a light emissary. Without realizing it in the past, you have been creating the energy of the planet.

What if you chose to meet every obstacle in the same way, with love and understanding? If your employer is angry because you have arrived late, can you imagine your response, back to the soul you call boss, being one of lightness? You have grounded yourself and everyone in your workplace and sent my violet frequency ahead of you, transmuting all dense energy into the lightness of love. When your employer takes you to task for your tardiness, you simply attach nothing to the words. Instead, you see and understand the expressions of your employer for what they truly are, fear. Your employer is fearful that you are no longer respecting his or her authority and rules and will insight the other employees, to begin arriving whenever they please, as well. Your employer rises to the learned response of anger, recrimination and control. Your reaction can match this energy or you can choose to rise above it.

When your food is burned, neither you or the cook intended to spoil your melect back to your world does add to the beam of light that is a catalyst in the shift to love mindedness and peace on your world. Knowing this as truth, you need strive diligently to only allow positive energy within your realm. The previous lessons have all been leading up to this one great task. When at last you have mastered the catching, transmuting and release of light energy, releasing old hurts and anger, cloaking yourself in light, quieting your random inner dialog, maintaining control of the pretender ego, surrendering your hopes, plans and dreams into the hands of God and the many other lessons in this volume, your life will change immeasurably to become one of love, peace and tranquility. You will then be one who has truly awakened to the call of your destiny.

There is no more profound feeling of completeness than knowing that you are exactly where you are because you have planned it to be so; your place beside the Creator. The essence of the Creator is within you and you are His beacon of love, the most important ingredient in the recipe of life.

When you come to that place of knowing, you will no longer allow slow energy to enter your realm. You will reflect back only lightness and love. After a time, you will no longer accept relationships which do not resonate back to you that which you send blissfully out to them. No more will you be capable of participating in drama that is not open to transformation from its tightly closed bud into the blushing bloom of love and lightness. It will become far too painful for you to participate in these lessons which have not come any closer to fruition.

You will honor those embracing the slower energies and in cloaking yourself in your Father’s light, you will be aiding them in your reflection back to them of lighter energy. They will learn from your unconditional love or move onward to find another being who will match their energy and attraction to drama. These truths have been belabored numerous times in previous lessons.

Know always that there is no judgment of blessed beings that are walking blindly through life wearing the label of victim, only love and love and love. We have all played that part and have stiffly paid our price until the lessons have become for too much to bear and we are forced to make changes or sink deeper in the mire.

Yours is not such a path, my dear one. You are shifting into lightness with every word, every syllable of this lesson. You are awakening within you to a truth that you can not ignore. You can never return to a life of come what may. You are the master of all you survey and your time has come to claim your birthright. Your lighter energy will accept nothing else. Your mastery is at hand, my beloved, and with each new day of lightness you will capture the essence of who and what you truly are, master and creator of your realm. Go forward in peace my beloved. You are a child of God.

St. Germaine

A Channeled Message to You from Saint Germaine (pages 120-124)

* * * * * * * *

Lesson Fourteen (pages 125-133)

Humanity is like a masterpiece hidden from the world by a coating of smoke and soot. As the dense layers are removed from the canvas more and more of the true beauty of the painting is transformed.

As each layer of denseness falls, your magnificence will shine out onto the world and light the way for others to follow.

Lesson fourteen


Lighten up! This is not as serious as you make it out to be. Embracing the Light Thing to Do is only opening up to the ancient memory of what truly is, and always has been. You already know every truth that has been discussed in the previous lessons. You are a part of the energy of the All and the Everything and even the lessons you have read that seem abundantly curious are resonating deeply within your solar plexus. This information will be welcome especially to those of you who feel you are struggling to become a lightworker. Struggling to become what you already are.

You always have been and always will be, a torch bearer of God. That is why you are drawn like a magnet to like minded individuals. All of your torches together make a beacon of lightness that clears away the cobwebs within you and heightens your awareness of the Oneness. If only you could see your brilliance as we do; whenever two or more are gathered in His name....... Oh, how magnificent you all are.

In reading our words in this volume, and others like it, you are able to awaken to the full lightness of who you are and have always been. Unknown to you has been the truth of your greatness and God connection. Encrypted within these words are tones which are set to turn the majestic key to your remembering within the lock that bolts the door of forgetting. Without effort you are evolving to the mastery that has never left you. Your true power and divinity has always and forever been within you. There is no obstacle to overcoming and nowhere to go on the journey you embark upon to a place you have never left.

The secret of everlasting life and your place beside a most loving Father is within you. There are no dues to pay, no penances to fulfill, and no great deeds which must be accomplished before your worthiness allows you the honor of embracing the truth of who you are, a child of God.

Bestowed upon you from the beginning, before ever you entered one single of your lives, is the truth of your lineage. There is no pleasure more abundant than that of your Fathers' when, at last, you come to remember yourself as a part of His glory. He applauds every step you take to remember the truths you are awakening to. Each step brings you closer to the task that you have to complete. You are here to awaken in all of its fullness. To join the ranks of masters who have awakened before you; our beloved Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mother Teresa, Gandhi and more.

It was decided that you would awaken fully long before you came to this lifetime. It is our honor to facilitate in this, your time of awakening, and we will gladly guide you through steps which will hasten your process immensely. As a master each of the forty-seven lessons you will remember more and more of why you have chosen to be here in this now moment.

Many beings yearn to know what their soul purpose is in this lifetime. They feel that they are here for some special task. My answer to you is that you are right now fulfilling that purpose. Your main function within this now moment is to awaken fully to your magnificence. The process has already begun. Please do not judge yourself harshly or compare yours to the journey or pace of another. As I related to you earlier, there is nowhere to go and no speed you must reach and attain this goal that is not measurable. Just awaken, awaken and awaken.

I say unto you, awaken that place within you that holds your flickering flame. Rise up the wick in the lamp within you and watch as the flame increasingly brightens. Drive out the negative energy held bondage within your cells, trapped there by painful experiences, held prisoner by your jailer ego. As you master each of the lessons, your wick will rise even higher in the lantern of your life, and all dense energy will be driven out from every cell of your body. Healing will occur spontaneously and balance will at last return to your life.

It is of great importance, that as you become lighter, you remember that other beings in your life are also on their journey and their pace may be swifter or slower than your own. It is not advisable for you to attempt in any way to prod forward any being whose flame is not of the same brightness as yours. If these great beings step slower than you toward lightness it is because their timetable is not the same as your own. Honor their journey, my beloved. Know that, through all are dancing to the rhythm of life, each is hearing their own music.

As I mentioned in an earlier lesson, there is no reason for a mass exodus to the divorce courts or to begin avoiding your old friends. The balance you have achieved in your life will allow you the ability to co-exist with all beings. Releasing all attachment to old grievances using Blessed Mary's method, will allow those individuals the opportunity to become a lighter lamp in their own time. Living a loving example to those around you, cloaked in the light of your Father, is the greatest gift to those who are only now wiping the sleep from their eyes.

God, your Father, created you in His image. As you awaken more to your divinity it will become easier for you to fully commit to the truth of your own magnificence. Until you know it, until that remembering, it is acceptable to pretend. Know that every word in this volume is triggering that awakening within you. The following are some tools which will help you to reach that remembering of your birthright.

Lesson 1: Exchange destructive thought with positive thought.

Example: Looking in the mirror you critically survey the damage on your skin from the sun, the wind and the years. You observe that your body falls short of what modern society deems perfect.

Instead, begin accepting your blessed body. Honor it and all of its 'battle scars' as you bear them proudly. Perhaps the years have taken their toll but remembering that your body still carries you. Honor it with the clean water it requires to function properly and nutrients which balance the beautifully orchestrated function of the vessel your Father gifted you. Feed the body all it requires so that it may carry your light body further and longer. A rancher starves a young calf of nutrients so that it's meat will be tender and light but I say unto you, it is not light long and has neither the strength to stand or to walk.

Love and care for your body as you would an expensive automobile. Would you forget to put oil in a one o fa kind racecar, of feed denatured food to a priceless race horse? Like the car, you are one of a kind and no less priceless than the racehorse? You are a treasure and, like an automobile that is left unattended, breakdowns can be costly and could alter your destiny. Love your body. It is a gift.

Lesson 2: Accept nothing but lightness.

When negative energy enters your space, immediately surround yourself in God's light. Envision yourself connecting to the God Source, even though you are never 'not' connected. Imaging that you are sending a beam of light up, from the top of your crown, connecting to your Father. Command that you and all of your space be filled with His white light of love. In all instances, the dense energy will no longer be capable of entering your space. If the dense energy is emanating from someone, it is helpful to ground or balance the being by calling upon the Angelic kingdom to infuse them with love. In the same method as above, raise a beam of light from your crown, up into the heavens, commanding that the individual's energy be grounded and balanced.

If you find that you have allowed the slower energy to enter your space before you have blocked it, you can easily vanquish it by connecting to the God Source as above and then command that all dense energy within you be burned away into lightness. It is done.

Lesson 3: Discerning divine guidance from ego programs.

Whenever negative programming enters your consciousness, immediately command that your ego step aside. This will allow you to receive clear information without negative reinforcement from ego.

Never, in any time, will God's energy or guidance come from fear or negativity. All energy from your Blessed Father, Angels and Guides will reflect only lightness.

Lesson 4: Prayer.

Prayer is your open connection with God. Prayer honors your Father as it fulfills and lightens you. Come not from a place of lesser than God in prayer, but, instead, speak to him openly of your hopes and dreams as you would the loving Father that He is.

Lesson 5: Balance.

Strive every day to balance in your life. Balancing your chakras is very helpful in releasing bound energy from your own energy field that you might have attracted throughout the day. It is even possible to become out of balance from a night of dreams if they are fraught with slow energy.

In this time of transformation it is no longer necessary to go through many dramas to release and balance ones chakras. Using the same method from lesson 2, you may command it to be so. If you are uncomfortable with commanding you may follow this example: "I ask that my Father in heaven balance my chakras and fill my vessel with light." It is done.

Lesson 6: Meditation.

Daily meditation creates balance within and strengthens your earth body as it releases slow energy. Each being will experience what is most beneficial to their needs. One may require no more than a few minutes of reflection while watching the sun rise or set, while another may feel the need for deep meditation once or more times a day. Meditation is as individual as you are.

Centering your mind, body, spirit with the intention of creating balance is the essence of meditation and the foundation for stillness.

There is no judgment of any method or a time limit that is spent meditating. In one moment of stillness there is a lifetime of healing.

Know that with each passing day you are opening to more lightness. As discussed previously, the lighter you become the more uncomfortable it will be for you to remain in the presence of slower energy. The lessons you are learning will prepare you for the great gift that you have for humanity. It is one of the many reasons that you have chosen to be here in these turbulent times. It was not meant for you to awaken fully to your magnificence and then to live in a cave with your perfection.

It is important in this now moment that, in times that you are exposed to slow energy you not judge the energy or the being wielding it. Simply cloak yourself in lightness. Fill your vessel with God's love and allow the bearer to learn from your great example. Remaining detached from their drama will aid them in their lesson and will not perpetuate their fear into a more solid block to release later.

Send out love my dear soldiers of light. You bear arms of the greatest army in history. Your shields reflect only lessons and your swords pierce hearts with love.

Saint Germaine

 - page 133 - finish -

This is not the end. It is only the beginning of the forty-seven lessons.

* * * * * * * *

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These quotes are from the book: "The Light Thing To Do" by Jill Marie, founder of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment or SVH. An unedited manuscript - with permission to use in this web site.

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