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Lessons from the Creator

*** This is the 1st of 5 Messages from 'The Light thing to do' from different Masters ***

These quotes are from the book: "The Light Thing To Do" by Jill Marie, founder of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique or SVH.

  In the beginning there was light and in that same moment I created all that is and ever shall be. In every moment of creation there is a sense of acceptance of that which is created.

I Am well pleased. God

 The Beginning

A Channeled Message to You from the Creator (pages 1-12)


With great love I offer you this message of encouragement, honour, support and hope, My beloved child of light. My love, carried on the words within this volume, shall flow from the printed pages into your heart, to aid in your recognition of the truth of your magnificence.

The time has come for you to remember your placement within the plan for this time of great change. As you read these words, you will begin to recognize yourself as an emissary of love and lay aside all that does no resonate with that truth. The timing of this book and its gifts is not fortuitous, in truth its offering is well placed, as the evolution of humanity's glorious triumph over the iron grip of deception presents an opportunity for all beings to leap forward to embrace their perfection. You are a master in remembering. The guidance offered in The Light Thing to Do™ book series is designed to guide you gracefully through a purposeful awakening process that will aid you to remember the many parts you are playing within My Divine Plan. The knowledge offered in these pages is designed to initiate and cement the formation of a stronger alliance between you and all whom I have placed on your paths, as liaisons of love, to assist in your transformation. It is designed to awaken your remembrance of Our union.

To fully embrace the paths that lay before you, it is of paramount importance that you release all that has the potential to hold you from the glorious promise that awaits your acceptance and allowing of it. Recognition of the deception of a separation between you and I is he best place to begin our discourse, in great part because it is the primary suppression profile that is actively restricting your memory of the truth of who you are.


 I have never been disappointed or disheartened by any of your choices. Indeed, I have followed your progression to lightness with the eyes of a proud, loving Mother and Father, reveling in each new discovery and every choice. To believe otherwise is an untruth that has been fostered by ego and all who would gain by the illusion of a separation between the Essence of Me and All That Is. Those who believe me separate from them, place Me in a heavenly kingdom far away, as an all seeing God who must be revered, feared and held accountable for all that is created by the mass consciousness of your world. In truth, My Beloved, I am the Blessed essence within you and the Spirit held within All That Is. It is not possible to separate Me from that which is you and all that I have created. I am within the trees, the rocks, the water and the snails. I am within an eagle, a hawk and yes, I am within your neighbor.

It is true that I am an all seeing God, but I do not see from a heavenly kingdom far away, I see through your eyes, I feel through your senses and I reside within your heart. Soon, My Beloved, you will begin to see Me, in all that your eyes rest upon and separation will depart from your reality, dissolving into a former illusion that has no place within your today or your tomorrow.

Many of My blessed children have picked up ego's banner and shouted from their pulpits and street corners, of My anger and wrath, damning all who are in opposition to rules written in books, which I am credited with authoring or overseeing. They have falsely designated me as a punishing God, refuting the truth of My union with the essence, further anchoring the misconception of humanity's separation from Me. This misleading dogma places mankind into an illusion of a recurring cycle of sinfulness and shame, erecting barriers so lofty and so dense that My children can no see Me, feel Me or dare to know Me.

Throughout numerous timelines, many beings proclaiming they are My celebrants have sermonized about the wrath of God and the necessity for My children to bring their souls back to acceptability, through penance and righteousness. These are words and perceptions of Me that limit My children's expansion to higher consciousness and encourage them to embrace the illusion of a separation from Me, through fear of punishment and retribution. Fear perpetuates all suppression profiles and aids My progeny to further slip from the truth of My existence within them, which negates any need and desire to overcome all that is not in alignment with the truth of their omnipotence.

Every incarnated being is on a path to remembering the truth of Our blessed connection and though they may sometimes choose side roads that lead away from Divine truth, all choices are part of their glorious progression to remembering. For that reason, it matters not how long one denies Our union. Within each of My creations is a divine blueprint that holds the truth. It is that blueprint, which will ultimately bring each blessed being back to their remembering, within a timing that is in alignment with their purpose. That blueprint is the roadmap, which brought you to this book and will subsequently lead you to many other tools and teachers set on your path to assist you, as your openness and willingness to embrace the truth carries you to each new level of awakening.

There is a place within you that is crying out for more; of what you know not, but you know there is more and you want it with all of your being. You thirst for it, you hunger for it and even when you are not looking for it, you are still longing for it. In this lifetime, you have known that you are different than others around you. Many thousands of years ago, your realm fell into a deep sleep and though the truth of you has already been visible, for a time the illusion held more validity because of the group consciousness. You have now fully awakened from that sleep.

In this time of great transformation, the illusion of separation will be replaced by an imprint of the reality of Our Oneness and the truth of your Divine Purpose within the glorious plan for the evolution of your world, to a lighter consciousness. As this promise unfolds, you will no longer feel different. Instead, you will recognize the path beneath your feet, knowing that you are in alignment with the plan you wrote into the book before entering this lifetime. You will experience great clarity, knowing that all that is created within your realm is chosen by you, rather than fostered by the clutter of past life, genetic and current life debris. You will know what it is to choose and then receive, by releasing all that is in opposition to accepting and allowing the definition of your desires. You will distinguish all paths, which are free of brambles and leaky boats and begin to feel old shackles fall from your wrists and ankles, allowing the doors to the prisons of illusion to swing wide, emancipating you from all that held you in bondage from the truth of you and the reality of Our Oneness.

I bring you this information now, because you have slipped through the folds of gossamer, awakening the Divine Blueprint within you, which is assisting you to recognize a truth that you have always known.

The lives of many of My children are filled with experiences and discoveries leading to personal growth, but the true awakening they crave anticipates the moment they recognize the truth of their spirit. Until that recognition is met, there will always be a yearning from within, which can never be truly quenched; a yearning for the remembering of that which has always been.

Do you remember when you last felt fully complete? Perhaps it was the moment you fell in love, the day of your marriage or the birth of your child. Each event that fills you with an all encompassing love, is a reminder of how fully complete you are when you are in love. For each of My children, completeness was fully known the moment My Essence entered them, as they lay, growing within the mother's womb. If only for that one moment, each being has felt Me and known the completeness of that union.

As the lives of each being built upon an intricate labyrinth of blessings and burdens, vast numbers of My children find themselves pulling further and further away from that which calls to their hearts. Their souls long for a connection to My essence of love and though it is eternally present, ego willingly assists to construct walls of fear to block all conscious connection to it.

My energy of love is an ever present force of light that stands ready to be embraced or rebuffed. Regardless of your choices, as a loving parent, I will patiently wait for you to recall that which is yours to inherit, as a beneficiary of the kingdom of love. Your birthright remains intact and solidly held within My heart, awaiting the time when you will call for its restoration through recognition, acceptance and allowing. Until then, the imprint and blueprint of Our union will be held within a map of light, waiting for your choice to reconnect the pathways of conscious awareness, to My essence of love.

The conscious connection to My essence of love that you knew, when you were in your mother's womb and as a young child, laid the foundation for your inner knowing and fuels the unquenchable desire, which drives you to recapture the joy of that union.

Until your ninth month of life there was no veil of forgetting. From that time forward, until your age of three, the layers of gossamer veil were determined by the love, respect and nurturing that you received or did no receive from the family unit you incarnated within. In truth, each blessing and blow have imprinted within you and even now defined the level of forgetting that you are experiencing.

For many it has been a long and lonely journey of awakening, to recapture the inner awareness of the forgotten moments of youth, when each knew their placement within My plan and held a greater knowledge of the truth of their purpose. I know each step of those journeys and every choice that brought them closer to or further from the truth, just as I remember you and all of the challenges and pitfalls that found their way onto your path.

I know you, My beloved. I know your every breath, your dreams, your desires and your moments of helplessness. My essence of love resides within you always, aligning Me with all of your choices and a dedication to serve your path of discovery.

You have never been alone on any journey; we have always taken them together. Throughout this and all lifetimes, My essence has resided within you. From the moment of your first breath, you were joined by a legion of Angels, Guides and Masters that have played a central role in your awakening and transformation. They pledged their service to you, in a space between time, when you aligned them with your purpose for this incarnation. The awakening of that purpose is at hand, My beloved.

You have far exceeded your own hopes for the level of service that you anticipated performing, at this point of time. It is known throughout All That Is that the splendor of your radiant evolution to higher consciousness and remembering is within your reach. All who are in alignment with your glorious purpose are gathered around you now, triumphantly orchestrating avenues of potential discovery that will lead you gracefully forward to complete your objective.

This book has fallen into your hands, because it compliments your vibration. It will become a valuable tool in your journey that will gracefully assist you to release all that is no in alignment with attaining and sustaining your ideal for this lifetime.

Your heart has cried out to recognize and allow the unfolding of pathways to remembering. My answer to those cries, are held within this and other publications of its kind, which resonate with your level of acceptance and allowing. The tools within the lessons written here will assist you to turn the keys you receive, within ancient locks that will release you from bondage.

It is My promise that each time you reach for more light there will always be another rung of the ladder, drawing you to reach even higher. You will be drawn to teachers and graceful lessons, which match your energy and bear the tools that you are in alignment with receiving, in each moment of your evolution.

The lessons in this publication are progressive and each word is encrypted with messages of love that will speak to your heart. All that is offered within these lessons will be measured by your level of acceptance. Each time you read the words within this book, your accelerating vibration and light quotient will assist you to 'remember' more of that which is your higher purpose. Embrace these gifts and immeasurable joy will flow into your life and your path to remembering shall blossom gracefully to unfold innumerable opportunities for the fulfillment of that which you planned before you came to this lifetime. In your gladness, you will inspire others to follow the paths to their remembering, no in your shadow, but in the light of your beacon of love.

With each passing day, your mounting luminescence will radiate out to the world, assisting to awaken sleeping Angels everywhere. They will begin their progression to remembering and align fully to the path of service they committed to for this lifetime. Together, with them, you will aid your planet in her evolution, anchoring a bridge of light to the new realm of perfection. The rapture of each blessed being, choosing to complete their evolution to the perfection of the Unification of Oneness with Me, will join hearts with aspects of themselves residing on all timelines, to carry humanity into one-thousand years of peace. This I promise you, My beloved.

Embracing the truths in these of the forty seven lessons will bring you much love, happiness, prosperity, joy and will assist you to carry forward within the plan we have made together. I give you My unconditional love and My promise that all will complete as it was written by you. Your mastery is at hand and your journey is at a crossroad. My hand is on your shoulder, beloved, you can not make a wrong choice. Simply love all, trust yourself and release all that would block your clarity, the rest will unfold in perfection.

I remain, Your Loving Creator

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These quotes are from the book: "The Light Thing To Do" by Jill Marie, founder of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment or SVH. An unedited manuscript - with permission to use in this web site.

(pages 1-12)

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